List Once, Sell Everywhere.
Lisuto is creating a truly global borderless ecommerce.
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Sell your Products On Marketplaces Around The World.
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Board your inventory in any language, expand your customer base and let us do the translation for you.
Manage All Your Inventory In Just One Place.
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Save time by managing your inventory on all marketplaces in just one place.
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Leverage The Power Of Multilingual Lisuto Product Catalogs
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Enrich your listings from Lisuto product data, images and identifiers. Optimize your listings for each marketplace and for search
Sell Your Products In The Right Spot On Each Marketplace In The World
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Capitalize on Lisuto’ s knowledge of marketplace taxonomy Put your products in the categories where they will be noticed best
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1501086630 b2c ecommerce report2016
Latest update Japan B2C e-commerce Report 2016
Facts, Figures, Infographic & Trends of 2015 and the 2016 Forecast of the Japanese B2C E-commerce Market of Goods and Services
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1498859816 china biz
Digital platforms driving cross-border e-commerce for SMEs
Interview with Diane Wang, Founder and CEO of, one of China’s leading international platform businesses
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1498859843 asian customer
The Future of Commerce has Arrived
Understanding the new Asian consumer and the far reaching changes in Asian markets
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